Want Your Children To Be Child Celebrities? Where To Start


Do you have children and want to get them into the fields of acting and modeling at a young age, but you aren't particularly sure where to start? If so, you'll want to be prepared before you contact an agency. You don't want to go into the appointment with the agency blind, and both you and your children have to be properly prepared. Your child isn't going to be judged by the way they look at the appointment, but more from how their portfolio looks and how they can do in a casting interview.

1 November 2016

How To Construct A Haunted House From 3D Foam Theming


A prop production method called "3D foam theming" has produced thousands of realistic items from foam for movies, TV shows, etc. Yet, most people do not realize the extent to which this prop production method can be used. Here is how you can use it to create a 3D haunted house out of foam for your next Halloween event. Order Way in Advance Because you are not using the 3D foam theming to create a small statue or breakaway stage chair, you will need to order your haunted house pieces months in advance.

28 October 2016

Tips For Getting Your Video Project In And Out Of DaVinci Resolve


If you decide to do the color correction for your video project in DaVinci Resolve, you'll need to know how to get it in and out of the program. Here are some tips that will make the job easier for you. Preparing Your XML File The XML file is the document that tells Resolve what media your project uses and where all the in and out points are. You will need to clean your video sequence up before making it to help Resolve understand what is going on.

31 August 2016

4 Ways To Express Your Spirituality At Home Through Artwork


Do you feel more energetic and positive when you are continually reminded of your faith? Many people are uplifted by spirituality and find that they accomplish more and have better interactions with others when their spirituality is filling their hearts. Here are 4 great ways you can use artwork to bring that lift into your own life each day.  Sculpture Your garden or yard is a perfect place for a sculpture that brings peace and tranquility to your heart.

29 August 2016

Decorate A Wooden Picture Frame With A Sea Theme


Decorate a plain, wooden picture frame with a sea theme by completing the steps below. Use the frame to display on your home's living room wall one of your favorite pictures of the last ocean fishing trip that you took. Materials piece of sandpaper tack cloth wood paint (several colors) thin paintbrush fine point marker stencils wiggle eyes craft glue cotton swabs netting scissors fish hooks newspaper acrylic craft spray metal picture hanger hardware  screwdriver power drill Sand And Paint The Frame

22 August 2016

The Do's And Don'ts Of Entering A School Art Contest


The opportunity to enter a school art contest can be exciting for anyone who has a creative instinct. It's the opportunity to shine a spotlight on the art you work so hard to create. If you decide to enter a school art contest, consider the following do's and don'ts to make sure that you get the most you can out of the art contest. Do Read All the Rules Art contest generally come with a specific list of rules.

26 July 2016