Want Your Children To Be Child Celebrities? Where To Start


Do you have children and want to get them into the fields of acting and modeling at a young age, but you aren't particularly sure where to start? If so, you'll want to be prepared before you contact an agency. You don't want to go into the appointment with the agency blind, and both you and your children have to be properly prepared. Your child isn't going to be judged by the way they look at the appointment, but more from how their portfolio looks and how they can do in a casting interview. Here are a few things to set up and take your children to.


Your child needs a variety of photos for their look book and for the talent agency. Try doing the following scenes and poses so they can show their variety of looks:

  • Old fashioned photos
  • Preppy and school attire
  • Sports costumes or athletic attire
  • Edgy or modern kids

These are just a few of the looks you can try. If you are trying to brand your child with a specific image, the agents may have suggestions for what type of photos to have ready.

Acting Classes

You need to find out if your child can act and if not they need to take acting classes. These classes are for beginners that have no experience and for those who are already in the field but need to get better. Just like a trade skill, acting is something that always needs to be worked on. Find a local class for them to get started, and they'll be more prepared for their first casting.

Voice Lessons

Voice lessons won't just help your child learn how to sing, but they will also help your child change voices, increase their range for singing if necessary, and help them create different characters with their voice. You never know when they may be expected to sing a jingle for a commercial or for a movie, so you want the child to be prepared.

There are a lot of different things that you'll have to start training your children for if you want them to start training to do movies, commercials, modeling, and more.  Start doing these different things before you go to the agency so the agency can see that your child already has talent and what type of talents your child has. They will get more callbacks this way.


1 November 2016

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