How To Construct A Haunted House From 3D Foam Theming


A prop production method called "3D foam theming" has produced thousands of realistic items from foam for movies, TV shows, etc. Yet, most people do not realize the extent to which this prop production method can be used. Here is how you can use it to create a 3D haunted house out of foam for your next Halloween event.

Order Way in Advance

Because you are not using the 3D foam theming to create a small statue or breakaway stage chair, you will need to order your haunted house pieces months in advance. Although the foam used in this type of construction is quite durable, it can still bend, squish or break with enough body weight. Ergo, while your foam house pieces are being constructed by the company, you will need to build some supports on which the visitors can step, walk or climb. The rest of the haunted house can be entirely foam, if you have the money to build it.

Send Dimensions and Really Detailed Pictures

Most 3D foam theming items are constructed from the pictures sent by consumers and the dimensions they have included. In-house artists recreate the small stuff from clay, scan these items into a CAD program in a computer, which then translates them into pieces for a CNC router to cut, mold and shape from foam. The actual foam walls of your haunted house are easy enough to create. So long as you have provided the dimensions you need and the connections for the walls, they will fit together like enormous puzzle pieces.

Begin Room Construction When You Start Receiving the Pieces

As the foam company begins sending you the fully created and functional pieces of your haunted house, you can begin to construct it around your frame supports. Because this stuff is really strong, the foam walls should stand on their own with little effort. If you requested the plastic coating treatment, this provides additional vertical strength as well. All of your little foam details created by the artists and engineers can be hung or set inside after you have erected the walls and attached them to each other.

Test Moving Parts and Doors

Yes, even moving parts and realistic doors can be fashioned from 3D foam. Just be sure to test their ability to move prior to opening your haunted house the first night. If something is awry, the foam company can provide over-the-phone assistance to make things work.


28 October 2016

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