4 Ways To Express Your Spirituality At Home Through Artwork


Do you feel more energetic and positive when you are continually reminded of your faith? Many people are uplifted by spirituality and find that they accomplish more and have better interactions with others when their spirituality is filling their hearts. Here are 4 great ways you can use artwork to bring that lift into your own life each day. 


Your garden or yard is a perfect place for a sculpture that brings peace and tranquility to your heart. If you like to go to an outdoor area of your home to relax and reflect, add a sculpture that speaks to your heart. Consider a cross, a peaceful animal or an abstract piece that you attracts you. 

Pillows and Bedding

One practical place to add art to your life is in your bedroom, where you go to recharge and consider your day. Beautiful artwork on a pillow, a throw blanket, or even a bedspread can remind you of your faith and help your mind settle down. 

Many people pray in their bedrooms. An artistic scene of a beautiful place or a depiction of a spiritual story can help focus your mind on prayer and meditation. 


Your dinner plates can be a perfect place for an expression of your spirituality. If your family tends to congregate in the kitchen and if you come together to share a meal at the end of each day, the dining table is a great place for a reminder of faith and love.  

Use artistic plates, tablecloths or place mats to remind your family that meals are a place to remember the care you feel for the people you love and a safe place to share your joys and concerns. 

Entertainment Room Walls

Do you have a room in your home where technology use takes center stage? Perhaps the family goes to the living room to watch television or the kids play video games in a recreation room. Or maybe your kids stare at their phones and tablets in every room of the house. 

Put spiritual artwork on the walls of these rooms to remind yourself and others where your heads and your hearts should be, even while you are interacting with technology. Even a glance at an uplifting painting or photograph can help settle your mind into a healthier place. 

You can use spiritual artwork to bring peace and a sense of connection to your family. Consider unusual places and spaces in your home where spiritual art will fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. For more information and options, consider contacting spiritual art artists in your area, such as Kristina Hutch Matthews.


29 August 2016

Creating Interior Decorations

Soon, I will be building a substantial addition onto my home. I’m adding a casual family room and a master bedroom suite onto my existing property. Because I want the new areas of my home to display my personality, I plan to create some artwork to hang on the walls. A couple of years ago, I made some beautiful pictures of horses while on a trip to the mountains. I plan to enlarge these pictures and place them in customized, rustic frames. On this blog, I hope you will discover fun, art projects you and your family members can do to beautify your home. Enjoy!