Decorate A Wooden Picture Frame With A Sea Theme


Decorate a plain, wooden picture frame with a sea theme by completing the steps below. Use the frame to display on your home's living room wall one of your favorite pictures of the last ocean fishing trip that you took.


  • piece of sandpaper
  • tack cloth
  • wood paint (several colors)
  • thin paintbrush
  • fine point marker
  • stencils
  • wiggle eyes
  • craft glue
  • cotton swabs
  • netting
  • scissors
  • fish hooks
  • newspaper
  • acrylic craft spray
  • metal picture hanger
  • hardware 
  • screwdriver
  • power drill

Sand And Paint The Frame

Lightly sand the wooden frame's surface to remove rough edges. Move the paper in the same direction as the wood's grain. Once the wood feels smooth, move a tack cloth over the frame's surface to remove fine particles that were left behind by the paper. Use a thin paintbrush to paint the front of the frame. Choose a color that reminds you of the ocean, such as a shade of blue. Wait for the paint to dry and add a second coat if you would like the color of the paint to be darker. 

Trace And Fill In Stencils, Then Add Additional Decorations

Use a fine point marker to trace a few fish-shaped stencils on each side of the front of the frame. Fill in each fish outline with a color of craft paint that will complement the color of paint that was used to cover the frame. Once the paint dries, secure wiggle eyes to each fish with a cotton swab that has a small amount of craft glue added to one of its ends. Wait several minutes for the glue to dry after attaching the eyes.

Cut out small piece of netting and attach them to each corner of the frame with glue. The netting will resemble fish netting that you may often use while out on the ocean. Insert a couple fish hooks through the netting.

Apply Craft Spray, Frame, And Hang The Picture

Lay the frame on a flat, newspaper-covered surface. Apply an even layer of acrylic craft spray to the front of the frame to preserve the appearance of the paint and decorations that were added to the wood. Once the craft spray dries, frame the ocean trip photograph that you have chosen. Locate an empty spot in your living room to hang the framed picture. Use a screwdriver or power drill to secure hardware pieces to a metal picture hanger. Hang the picture on the metal piece and enjoy looking at it whenever you are in your home's living room. 

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22 August 2016

Creating Interior Decorations

Soon, I will be building a substantial addition onto my home. I’m adding a casual family room and a master bedroom suite onto my existing property. Because I want the new areas of my home to display my personality, I plan to create some artwork to hang on the walls. A couple of years ago, I made some beautiful pictures of horses while on a trip to the mountains. I plan to enlarge these pictures and place them in customized, rustic frames. On this blog, I hope you will discover fun, art projects you and your family members can do to beautify your home. Enjoy!